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Jason Luther /

my puch maxi brake lights are not working properly. when i bought it they stayed on all the time. i unplugged the switches they still stayed on. (actually the front switch is broken off) so i totally cut out the wire to the front switch and ran a new wire for the remaining back break switch, esentually making a simple circuit. now the brake light stays on until i hit the brakes then it turns off. and if i ground the circuit they stay off (even if i hit the brakes). any ideas?-jason

Re: brake light

Zachary Dudar /

i would just completely rewire the circuit and cut the stress of finding a stupid grounding wire, but that's just me.

i hate factory wiring jobs...

Re: brake light

some brake light switches are normally on and others are normally off

you might have "normally on"


you need a "normally off" switch

Re: brake light

I have a very turn signals diagram that shows the switches are open unless the brake levers are squeezed. Power to each lever is the green wire....power out is blue/green going to the brakelight.

The green wire comes from the magneto to a terminal block where 2 green wires exit from it. Then they go to each brake light switch. Okay? don-ohio

Re: brake light

Jason Luther /

yeah, it gets power okay, but its on until i hit the breaks, then its off. i ran a simple circuit and thats what i got. if i ground they dont work at all, what if i just switch the ground?-jason

Hmmmm..we need Zippy here methinks! LOL!

The light goes out when you apply the brake? Did you replace the switch? Possibly you put a switch in there that breaks contact when you squeeze the lever instead of MAKES contact? don-ohio

Re: Hmmmm..we need Zippy here methinks! LOL!

Jason Luther /

no, im confident its the origional switch. the wiring has been tampered with it appears. but the switch is like this. when the brake handles are released, the plunger on the switch is pushed in, and as you apply the brakes the plunger is released. like i said, i can get the brake lights to work in reverse order, but i dont think people behind would understand whats going on heh. is it possible the switch is malfunctioning and working the opposite way it should be? or do i have one of the reversed wired jobs, and how would that even work? i have a puch wiring diagram and my new circuit has the same theory behind it. arggg -jason

Re: Hmmmm..we need Zippy here methinks! LOL!

What year is your Maxi?

Is it a straight Maxi or a hard tail or a variant of the standard Maxi?

Why are you certain that the brake light switches haven't been replaced? What color are the plastic tips of the switches? If in doubt order new ones and replace them.

Check the terminal wiring block if it has one (hacked wiring job?)

1. There should be a single Green wire on the engine side of the terminal connecting to, two Blu/Grn wires on the opposite side.

2. One of the Blu/Grn wires goes back to the Brake light and the other goes up to the left hand Brake light switch.

3. There is a crossover Blu/Grn wire that goes over to the right hand Brake switch.

4. Coming out of the Right hand side Brake switch should be a Brown wire going to the Stop/Run kill switch on the right handle bar.

5. The Brown wire goes out the other side of the Stop/Run switch up and winds it's way up into the speedo housing and attaches to one side of the Speedo illuminating bulb.

6. The Brown wire then comes back down out of the Speedo housing and down to the back of the horn where it ataches to one of the Horn contacts.

7. On the back of the tail light assembly the Blu/Grn wire should go to the Brake light (6V 10W) and the Grey wire should go to the Tail light bulb (6V 5W). There should be a thrid wire (Brown) grounded to the frame or fender.

Re: Hmmmm..we need Zippy here methinks! LOL!

Thanks for the `back-up' Zipster! I have to leave for Indy today, but it's great knowing a guy of your caliber is monitoring and helping. YES! don-ohio (:^D

Re: Hmmmm..we need Zippy here methinks! LOL!

Jason Luther /

wellllllllll. the kill switch was removed so i guess ill have to find that brown wire ( i think i know where its hiding). it is a 77 puch maxi, 1.5 horse. does it have one of the reverse switches? or did logic prevail and the good people at puch wired it in such a manner that it wouldnt confuse (any more so) thanks -jason

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