'98 Tomos Targa Starting Problems?

Hey guys,

I've got a '98 tomos targa that sat in my garage for a few months. It worked GREAT! before the winter, however, it won't start now-- and im baffled. I've checked the following according to the 3 rules: spark, air, gas, compression:


-Spark plug sparks and does it very well, I tested the wire(and got a good shock from it--it tickles!) and the plug, they both work great


-Airbox was not clogged--I blew out and clean the carb and jet, even though they didn't need cleaning. I checked the bowl for any stuff in it and I didn't see any residue

-I checked the intake manifold and it sucked pretty well--I held my hand over it while cranking the engine

-Compression was fine--i wasn't sure on how to test this--but I'm pretty sure there are no leaks


-The petcock lets gas into the carb ok, however, i don't know how to test for gas getting into the cylinder

Can anyone provide some insight on what the problem could be? I've been trying for the past few days, and NOTHING happens. The gas doesn't even ignite(taking it sucks it into the cylinder)


Re: '98 Tomos Targa Starting Problems?

To test for gas getting in the cylinder, put a new spark plug in and try to start it...if the plug is wet, you're getting gas. If you didn't try starting it up with new gas, you might want to try that (old gas that's been sitting around for months is not great).

Re: '98 Tomos Targa Starting Problems?

Chris Artinger /

yeah and if ure not getting gas then clean the carb

Re: '98 Tomos Targa Starting Problems?

Skinny Mckinney /

Drain all of the old gas out of the tank and clean the carb. If that doesnt work and you are getting good fire, i would say you have a bad reed valve.

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