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Reading though old posts there seem to be a lot of us that need CDI units, especially Jawa owners.

I've found a basic schematic and it seems to be just a few transistors, and capicitors. Has anyone had any luck making one, or in finding out what the values of these components is?

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What stator does a Jawa use? If it is the same size as one used on a CDI bike, you might just be in luck.

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To be honest, I don't know. I've got the workshop manual here. What specs do you need?

It says the Ignition system is 6V, Contactless with semi-conductor elements. Late with the wiring diagrams it lists:

Feeding - generator coil

Starting - pulse-forming coil

Spark plug - PAL N 7R, Champion L-89CM

Plug point gap - 0.5 mm (.0196")

Ignition advance - 1-1.5mm (0.393 - 0.059) BTDC

It also mentions, "When adjusting the ignotion advance, rotate the rotor in the direction of arrow "A" until timing marks "B" of the rotor and the stator coincide."

Does this help?

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I have taken one apart. It has a transistor marked "TESLA K12061200 VQ", and a capacitor which is a laminated metal ribbon folded many times. I have not figured out how to make one yet.

The pickup coil ( also called impulse coil) failed on me as well. It has about 450 windings as I recall, and I did make one from a magnet wire. It worked but not quite well, back when there were a few other problems to be sorted out. Then I bought a used unit. When CDI is suspected, also check the pickup coil. Wingings in it are really thin and they break easily.


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Here is a link to good Jawa's page, I hope you'll find it usefull.

links I believe this one has the info you are looking for- I'm not sure but look for the page:


Re: links

Thanks a bunch. I included the schematics here. Hard to translate, but I'd recognize the circuit at the top of the pic a mile away. It's the CDI. Now to find the compontents.

P.S. For those that are interested my local motorcycle shop said that they could test my CDI for only $7 Canadian just in case I've overlooked another problem.

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