Repair Basics: Fred's Guide

Appropriately, the first post on the _brand new forum!_ is a link to a generic repair guide for all mopeds informally called "Fred's Guide". It's often overlooked and undervalued by folks who don't know about it when they posted on the old General Forum. So to direct everyone to an excellent resource right when they arrive...without further ado, I give you

"Fred's Guide":

Re: Repair Basics: Fred's Guide

Chris Couillard /

fred was the man

the mith the moped repair man an all around good guy

Re: Repair Basics: Fred's Guide

Man... I remember when Fred, Ree, Don-Ohio... all those guys were around, this place kicked some serious ass. Ree was my absolute fave though, that guy was effing insane. His story is absolutely mindblowing. "So ah, I got my leg chopped off in a moped accident, but whatever, I built a trike so I could ride still." Amazing.

Re: Repair Basics: Fred's Guide

don ohio is still around hes always on post all around.

and if his name is don OHIO where in ohio does he live cause i live in medina which is near akron. and i want 2 see if someone wants 2 start a ride around here.

Re: Repair Basics: Fred's Guide

i believe don-ohio is in jackson

Re: Repair Basics: Fred's Guide

Thanks,Paul and Mike.......yeah......I'm down within 40 miles of the river as the crow flies, Kevin. But if the `Crow' has to walk and roll a flat tire it's more like a hundred and forty miles.LOL!

Sorry I don't live closer to more mopeders. Closest one to me is Kevin H. and he doesn't post too often. don-ohio (:^)

Re: Repair Basics: Fred's Guide

graveyard pull (pretty nifty guide~) ;D

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