cleaning out the shed-Tomos

TTLX seat- mint shape $10

exhaust- avg shape 5

cylinder- good shape 10

TTLX oil tank- good 3

Delorto carb,stock- v. good 10

jets for Delorto-v. good to LN 53 58 60 72 1 ea.

hi performance air breather-new (didn't like) 4

stock sprockets-v. good 2 ea.

stock intake- v. good 2

tail light bulbs-new .75

Email me if you want any of this before it goes to Ebay next week.


Re: cleaning out the shed-Tomos

Timothy Faucette /

what year tomos them parts from? and what type of motor? A3? A5? A35?

Re: cleaning out the shed-Tomos

Chris Myers /

It's an A5 motor from the early 90's

Re: cleaning out the shed-Tomos

will buy carb, intake, and breather and seat eamil me at i will pay paypal or moneyorder

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