>>>1989 Honda Express FOR SALE

I have a sky blue 1980 honda express that Im in need to sell due to debt.The bike is cosmeticlly in mint condition but about 3 weeks ago I bought new piston rings and piston and tried to install in the cylinder but i realized the piston is just a little big so the cylinder needs a small bore.Extras that come with the moped are a original shop repair manual and a front white basket. Also comes with a sheepskin seat cover.Gas tank also has kreem coating to prevent leaks. Buyer must arrange shipping or pick it up. I live in a suburb of minneapolis, minnesota.(Andover)

thanks geoff

Re: >>>1989 Honda Express FOR SALE


I was wondering, how much do you want for your moped? Also, do you still have the original piston & rings?



P.S.-I live in the city and can easily come pick it up.

Re: >>>1989 Honda Express FOR SALE

sorry it is 1980,not 1989,Most should know this because they didnt even make them in 1989 but my mistake.


Re: >>>1989 Honda Express FOR SALE

i also ilve in the cities, still for sale?

Re: >>>1989 Honda Express FOR SALE


do you still have your express for sale?


Re: >>>1989 Honda Express FOR SALE


I have a 1981 Honda Express for sale. Good condition. Needs a new battery and air filter. Has title and owners manual.

I'll let it go for $175

Re: >>>1989 Honda Express FOR SALE

hey larry

what city state are you in

i am in kansas so odds are i will hafto have it shipped

but i am interested

i will drive quite a bit to get it

see yah


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