Kreidler MP9 for sale

I have a 1978 Kreidler MP9 that I'd like to sell. It has 1980 miles on it. It's in good condition, with the exception of a few scratches (the Kreidler logos are coming off). This bike has been sitting for much of its life, in my aunt's garage until about 6 years ago. I've put in new brake pads, headlamp, taillamp, tires, plug, etc.

This bike is pedal start, has a two speed "automatic" and a top speed of about 35mph, depending upon the weather and humidity. I have not attempted to start this bike in about two years; I have not had the time to play with it. I have no doubt that it will run well. It will need some new gaskets, etc. The pinch fit assembly for the throttle broke a little while ago. I can provide resources for finding parts. I hope this bike can find a good home! Pleae contact me with any questions.


Re: Kreidler MP9 for sale

ben, im interested in the moped but was curios as to the price and where you are located. thanks bill

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