Testi/Minarelli moped 4 Orginal Miles!! FOR SALE

I have a 1977 Testi/Minarelli moped for sale with 4 original miles!! I got the moped with 0 miles from a friend who had it in a box in the back of his garage. I cleaned the points and carburetor and put the 4 miles on it myself. The moped runs excellent. The moped is in great shape but has some flaws from sitting for so long. Some of the seams in the seat came out, It has some rust from sitting, and the lock rusted shut so I took it out. I know this isn't an easy to find moped. I am in central NJ and I can't ship. Email me at Shwine617@aol.com with an offer or if your interested you can ask me some questions. I have no title for the moped. I can deleiver the moped to a certain distance. I have more pics of the moped too.

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