1988 Suzuki Fa50 starting problem

Robert Bentzel /

If any one can help with this I would be greatfull. I have a problem with cold starting this moped. When you first try and start it with the choke in it will run for a few seconds and then shut off. You have to go through this about 15 times then it will finally start and run with no problems. The bike can be shut down and restarted also with no problems. However if you leave it sitting for 30 minutes or so. It again is very hard to start Any help would be appreciated.



Re: 1988 Suzuki Fa50 starting problem

Leon Swarmer /

First of all Robert,

you've posted this to the wrong forum.

This is buy/sell.

General moped discussion is where this should go .

That said, Are you shutting off your fuel valve when you let it sit? . I bet not. many carbs tend to over fill and flood the engine if the fuel valves are left on. Give it a try.


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