FS:Tomos Revival

2002 Tomos Revival, 3000 miles, minor scratch on tank, and small rip on the seat. runs wonderfully, biturbo pipe, new hi peroformance tires. $1100 obo


Re: FS:Tomos Revival

I just went to the moped shop. Its a very reputable shop, so I went to check it out. I am looking for a used ped. No luck, they only have new, mopeds & customer bikes being repaired.

A lot of Tomos Mopeds.

I saw one bike with a $1695- price. Now thats a lot to spend on a damn, 50cc moped. What a slick, even tough body moped.

Tomos Revival. wow!

Ey, I cant get $1100 for at least another two weeks, but I'd buy your Revival moped, if I can get the money, your asking for, before the bike sells.


Re: FS:Tomos Revival

jeeze mike you still haven't found a ride?? email me, i still have a couple left. 81 puch magnum, needs nothing, and a 78 jawa, needs some work. puch80@optonline.net

Re: FS:Tomos Revival

oh btw, im located in central new jersey, if you need anymore information please feel free to email me at awillis@comcast.net



Re: FS:Tomos Revival

Paul how many times have I emailed you?

Your selling the magnium on ebay.

Damn bro, I am even the high bidder. So get back to me.

And check your mail bro!

AOL demonko3779 -IM me!!!

YAHOO monk3779 -IM me or EMail!!!!

I'm buying a moped today. Maybe yours, or one of the 10 other EMAILS I sent out. Someone ha to come through.

Re: FS:Tomos Revival

mike , email me with a munber i can call you at. my emails to you keep bouncing back................paul

Re: FS:Tomos Revival


Re: FS:Tomos Revival

i take you havn't sold it, maybe dropping the price would help sine it sounds used and abused.....

Re: FS:Tomos Revival

used yes, abused no, any offers will be taken, $1000 is just something i came up with, feel free to offer something you believe is resonable.

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