WANTED: Tomos shocks

any year, let me know what you got

Re: WANTED: Tomos shocks

Charles Poole /

I have a set with white springs from a 95. The next time I am in WV I'll grab them if you want.(a week or so) I would take $10 for them.



Re: WANTED: Tomos shocks

Evil Twin /

Sorry Chipoole if it seems like I don't want Joey to buy shocks from you. No hard feelings...

Joey, I found some shocks on ebay. They look pretty cool because you don't see the spring. But you might want to buy from Chipoole, because I don't know how reliable this guy on ebay is.


::Good Luck::

=->Evil Twin<-=

Re: WANTED: Tomos shocks

i'm really looking for black acutally.... or chrome would be awesome...

Re: WANTED: Tomos shocks

try ikes bikes....i bought some nice chrome shocks off of him at the ride for a great price....but u will have to wait til he gets back from his vacation

Re: WANTED: Tomos shocks

Moped Riding Store Dude /

I have a good set from a 1995 Targa and I've sold to about 10 people off of these forums..

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