Honda Gyro`s 4sale

I have a bunch of 1986 Gyro`s to get rid of......I have 30 of them. Would love to sell them all as a package and they come with alot of extra parts. I can sell one of the whole lot....e-mail me directly

Re: Honda Gyro`s 4sale

Joe Doherty /

how much would you be willing to sell just one of the mopeds for?

Re: Honda Gyro`s 4sale

Matt Rusiniak /

Do you have any turn signals you would be willing to get rid of? Or possibly a horn?

Re: Honda Gyro`s 4sale

Keith Cunningham /

Where are you located? If your anywhere near New England I just may have to come take a look. Thanks

Re: Honda Gyro`s 4sale

Jason Rendon /

What can i get for 300 cash?

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