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> John Gooding wrote:

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> Here is a picture, the piston is the first oversize, 0.25.

Hello, thank you for your help!! Ok, so one day I’m pedaling and riding my pc50, put it up for the night, had no problems. Next AM I pedal it down the driveway, flip the lever to start it and click, the engine locks and can’t pedal it or roll the moped? I flip it back, rolls and pedals, flip the lever, everything locks? Taken engine apart 4x, nothin broken, seized, or metal shavings? Ive replaced both countershaft and ratchet start springs and still locked. The piston looks ok, cylinder walls aren’t scored or burnt. I am pressed the decompression lever. Took engine compression head off and couldn’t pedals removed cam shaft, still stuck, removed cylinder head, was hard to hold piston and rotate pedals but it did pedal? So it seems piston is sticking? Not sure why bc the piston and cylinders walls look clean? Could the rings be stuck and not scoring the cylinder walls? Should I replace the rings only? If I replace the piston, what size do I need, do I have to rebore the cylinder if I do replace piston? My piston says 1.00 on the top. Can u tell by that how many times the cylinder has been bored? If I replace just the rings- what size rings do

I need? I really appreciate your help bc no one around here knows anything about mopeds, I was told by a scooter shop to throw the moped away bc it’s too old!! Seriously!! What idiots! Ok thx!!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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