Moped Repairs Cincinnati, OH

Someone hit my son's Tomos moped and busted the shock, bent the carrier rack and the pedals and cracked both mirrors. I'm looking for a shop to get repairs done since I'm not mechanically inclined and it's bent up pretty bad. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Moped Repairs Cincinnati, OH

Hope that your son was not on the bike when this hapened. If so I hope he is OK.

Try going to the resource section and look for Ike's Bikes. He is not in Cincinati but not that far away.

Re: Moped Repairs Cincinnati, OH

yes, i would definitely talk to Ike if i were you.. he's a super honest, stand-up guy and has helped us out a ton.

he's just out Rt 32 past Batavia. good luck!

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