It's time for me to sell my very first moped. It's a 77 Puch Maxi. Totally complete. I have put a lot of money into it, Proma Circuit exhaust, 15mm Bing carb with 14mm intake manifold, snowflake mags, brand new Puch vinyl long seat. It's a fat fat ride, but I haven't road it in at least 7 months. I've been riding the Grande and it's my daily rider. I got a crack in the drain hole on the crank case and haven't ridden it since. I have another complete engine to put on it, but haven't got around to doing it. The old engine works, but obviously, with the crack in the crankcase, it doesn't hold tranny fluid too well, although I do have it plugged. Mcguiver style. :) The mag has a smaller rear sprocket, (36 tooth), then the original spoke wheels, (45 tooth), so I tried to shorten the chain. I took out some links, but it's still a little too loose, so you will need to get the chain to the right length to ride it. I was actually going to look into getting a 45 tooth rear sprocket for the mag, lots of hills around here, but never got around to doing it. Last time I rode it, with the proma and the 15mm carb, and the spoke wheels, with the 45 tooth rear, it was doing around 37ish. With the 36 rear, it will most likely be faster, but it's going to hurt you on the hills. I will also include the original spoke wheels, with the brake hubs and 45 tooth sprocket. Basically, it was my daily rider, then I got a Grande, and turned the puch into my project bike....My goal was to have the fastest 50cc Puch around. The ped must be picked up in Cincinnati....I WILL NOT SHIP. Asking 550 or best offer for ped with the extra engine, and spoke wheels. I really love it and would love to keep it, but I just bought a Vespa Scooter, and I can't really afford to keep plates on three bikes. There is a pic attatched to this post. Send your offers to my email, lagwagon@one.net. Swarm and Destroy!

Chris Rice

The Bombardment Society

Moped Army



The extra engine, that I am selling with the bike, is just the bottom end...no cylinder, piston or head...To replace the cracked case.


dude, you are a complete and total sellout!

You better be joking

yeah bitch.

Re: You better be joking


Re: You better be joking

i'd be willing to buy it for 555 dollars i would probably be able to pick it up i live in new jersey get back to me peace

Re: You better be joking

email me at sportman8@aol.com

Wrong email addy


Your email address isn't working. It says that it doesn't exist.


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