parting out SACHS Balboa

1979, I'm pretty sure.

Red, has most of the parts, working carb, engine that turns over, etc. Just so many little things went wrong (rod to back brake snapped, flat tire, transmission questionable) that I got sick of it.

If you want anything, let me know.

I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio.

front forks questionable

I should have mentioned the front forks, the springs came out, so the front tire isn't attached to the moped and I know it's simple, but I'm sick of messing with them, too.

so be advised.


Re: front forks questionable

i need the front forks.

how much?

Re: front forks questionable

call me, I don't have internet access

Buy my parts

Most of the parts would work on most Sachs or Hercules mopeds. How about that.

Re: parting out SACHS Balboa

do you have the chrome fenders in good condition? how about turn signals, baskets or a long seat?

Re: parting out SACHS Balboa

Hey brian do you still want the general I have I have lost your phone number thasnk KEvin


Here it is. It now has new side covers, that I paid $20 a piece for, but I'll sell both for $30. Brand new.

Also now has a newer chrome front fender.



Re: parting out SACHS Balboa

Kevin is very patient.

Thanks. : )

I still have stuff

I still have stuff. From a Balboa, will work on most late 70s Westlakes or Herculeses.


Re: I still have stuff

You still have the carb? what brand is it and how much?

Re: I still have stuff

how much for the front and back fender with the tail light?


Yeah it's a Bing, and sells them new for $139.99.

Check your email

Re: I still have stuff

jorge perez /

Do you have the ignition plate and all the related parts like the points, condenser, magnet coils, etc. How much?

Jorge in San Diego

Re: I still have stuff

Yeah I have all that stuff I'll email you. I'm replying this just to bump it back up top.

Re: I still have stuff

I'm looking for a motor for my Sachs. I don't know what kind it is but it looks a lot like the one you posted. I attached a pic. Do you have the motor still? If so, how much?


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