Cimatti Moped

Someone wants to give me a Cimatti moped circa 1982. Anyone know anything about these before I pay to ship it across country. Anyone know a good shipping option for 700 mile distance.

Thanks for any tips

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Find out how many miles it's got on it, what it's been doing for the past few years, how it runs, and what it needs partwise. Cimattis are good mopes. Cost about $150 to ship that distance plus crating.

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I have a '77 Cimatti City Bike which I inherited from my Dad, who bought it new. I didn't realize they were still selling Cimattis in the states in 1982. I have the owner's manual scanned if you want it.

Many of the members of the Moped Army either have Cimattis or have mopeds with the same brand of engine (Minarelli), which is really more important than the rest of the machine in many respects. The Minarelli engine is a good way to go. It's not hard to repair, parts are not too difficult to find, and they're pretty trustworthy. Some members of the Army have maintenance manuals for the Minarelli, and are very generous with knowledgeable advice.

The most serious problem I ever had with my Cimatti was a rusted fuel tank, which is a fairly common ailment among old mopeds (mostly from disuse.) I was able to clean and coat the tank and the problem has been absent for two years.

If the Cimatti runs, I'd take it. At the very least, you could part it out piece by piece to a number of Cimatti owners always looking for good replacement parts.

Re: Cimatti Moped Manual

IsLookingUp /

JD, Would you let me have a copy of the scanned manual. I am trying to create an online archive of manuals.

Re: Cimatti Moped Manual

On its way as direct email.

Re: Cimatti Moped

I have a Cimatti moped I ride every day that is about this old.

I would love to have a copy of the manual you scaned. It would be a great help to me .



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Mark Van Valkenburg /

i have a cimatti moped and i ride it every chance i get. could u send me that manual.


Re: Cimatti Moped

I think I have a manual for one of those.

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My Friend just got a pre 1983 red Cimatti City bike that needs a little help. A manual that describes the how to and its parts and where to find them would be of great assistance.

Thanks for any assistance in this matter.

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Aaron Fox /

I just found a decent condition Cimatti Gran Prix XL and I'm trying to get it started, and the manual would help me out alot if someone could please e-mail me, it would be greatly apprectiated. Oh, and what is the going price for those, I got mine for free.

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Make sure (1) the kill switch is "On," (2) the choke is engaged --- probably a little lever sticking out from the bottom of the carb ---, (3) you've got gas getting to the carb, i.e., the petcock is open, and (4) you've got a decent spark plug.

The manual isn't going to help you much if it won't start. A better idea would be to read "Fred's Guide on How to Fix Your Moped" found under Resources, then Articles, above. If it won't start after you follow those instructions, then you've either got a serious mechanical problem or you didn't follow the instructions properly.


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don't be too worried if the moped doesn't start immediately. if it's been sitting for years, it might take a while. follow jd's instructions. but look for these three things (they are in fred's guide):

1) spark

2) compression

3) fuel flow

also ... don't try to start any moped you don't know about until you make sure it has transmission fluid. that's a quick way to destroy an engine. minarelli engine takes non-detergent 20w oil (you can use non-detergent 30w).

if you have spark, compression, and fuel flow, the moped will start. it might have a dirty carb, it might have a clogged exhaust, or some other thing. and if you have compression (the engine turns over well) and fuel flow, but missing spark ... don't dispair. it might just be that you have to hook up the wiring. and the minarelli engine is the easiest to wire (less wires than any other moped engine).

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I have a 1977 Red City Bike that still runs great. My experience is the gas tank can shed quite a bit of corrosion if left for periods of time. This can quickly clog the inlet fuel screen on the carburator and prevent fuel flow. This and a dirty plug is the only cause of starting difficulty I have ever had. I have a manual available to scan and distribute... email me.

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John Lieberman /


I'd recommend that you get an in-line fuel filter right away. They're cheap, easy to install and you can pick one up at any hardware store that has lawnmower supplies. You REALLY don't want rust getting into the carb, and that puny filter little filter on the carb inlet isn't really up to the task.

Second, there's a lot of information on this site regarding fuel tank cleaning (do a search.) The tank comes off your City Bike fairly easily. I used the Kreme kit and it worked perfectly. There are cheaper ways to do it (again, search) by procuring the chemicals separately under their generic names, but it was worth it to me to make sure I had decent instructions and all the right chemicals in one place.

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Thorold Wevers /


Ik heb pas een Cimatti sportbrommer gekocht en vraag me af of dit het model is wat jij ook hebt, zou leuk zijn...

Ook ik wil graag meer info over deze brommer.

Groeten Thorold

Re: Cimatti Moped

ok i know this post is like 2 years old but if you still have that manual i would love a copy..... THANKS

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