Good price?

I'm new. Gettin' into mopeds 'cause they're so hot. So anyway, there's a guy selling a 1975 puch with 2500 miles for $750. I guess it's in pretty good condition. Everything works, sounds good, looks good, but I'm new. Is it a good deal or too much? Should I keep looking, get a newer one, or just buy it and ride?


Re: Good price?

Justin Walter /

hey man,way the hell too much,ur lookin for the 250-400 range depending on more then 4 though

Re: Good price?

merlin311 /

if you can get him to go down to like 450 or so you'd be in good standing cuz even if you get one off ebay you still have to ship you have'nt seen it in real life etc.

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