OK, who's got what ?

Reeperette /

Checkin out what it'd cost to repair my Targa with new parts, it comes to bout $250...hell, for THAT I can prolly get another 'ped !

So...umm, who out there in MI has a heaper they'd be willin to part with for roundabouts $250 ?

Just askin.


Re: OK, who's got what ?

hey ree... i have a motobecane that looks nice, but doesnt run (havent really messed with it too much since i noticed a wire is broken in the magneto) i have new points and a new condenser for it, too... and it has a super nice long seat. if you want that, ill sell it for much less than 250$.. plus, i can maybe bring it up to the BBQ to deliver it. i think i have about 125-130$ in it, so ill sell it to you for that if you want it.

take care!

Nice Offer...but...

Reeperette /

I ain't good enough with the ole M-Bcane's to fix em, so it would sorta be a lost cause.

What would be best would be if someone has an old Bullet they'd be willin to part with, cause that way I can strip the Targa fer parts, and I have a parts engine as well layin around.


Re: Nice Offer...but...

I have several mopeds for sale what are you looking for? I live near Dayton ohio about 130 miles from the MI border. THansk KEvin

Re: Nice Offer...but...

chuck russo va /

hey ree, i am getting a junked 94 sprint for parts i can get you anything you want off it for real cheap just let me know what u need

my e-mail is cr_racing2002@yahoo.com

Preferred "Specs"

Reeperette /

Preferance on this would be an old Bullet, with the original ignition system intact.

Don't matter too much if it even has wheels (cause I got those)...and engine condition isn't really a factor, what I need is the ignition, and I'd rather go with the old Bullet wiring harness than try to mess with this Targa, since the Bullet is 12v/50w rather than the Targa LX's 12v/80w - cause the lights on it wont run if I retrofit with points.


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