Hey Ike! Wanna trade?

I got 2 Tomos Colibri taillight lenses I think are NOS but I'd like to trade straight up for a coupla' more taillight lenses like I bought from you that fit my Sebrings(Puch).What do ya' think?You can read my ad below too,if you want.Thanks!

Re: Hey Ike! Wanna trade?


Ya, we can do that!


All Right! I'll send you them in the mail ASAP!Thanks,Ike!



Ok, that will work! Hey, can i keep the boxs ? Will yours fit in the boxs you think??

Not in the boxes

Mine aren't in boxes,I don't think.I will receive them in a day or 2 from Columbus MotorSports along with ,I think,the Colibri speedo(rectangular).The e-bay pic had them not showing any box.If they are not A-1,I will not send them unless I talk to you first.But they look like NOS.Sure,I'll send them in the boxes if they come with them.No problem,Ike!

Re: Not in the boxes

Don, I mean i wanna keep the boxs mine are are in, so i can put yours in those boxs? But yours are Tomos lens so it wouldn`t matter anyway! I was thinkin they was Puch lens and i wanted to put them back in a puch box!! But if they are new or like new i will still trade!

I hope you are not confused, I know i am LOL!!!

Okay,I see.

Oh,I see what you're sayin',Ike!Sure,I can send `em back in the Puch boxes or any way you like.I'm gonna install one on the Sebring anyhow `cause I broke it in the wreck of my truck the other day.I'll see if I can box `em up tonight and get `em ready.Thanks!

Cart before the Horse

I forgot I have to wait for them to get to my house from Columbusmotorsports first.DUH! But they could've come today and I wouldn't know it `cause I'm at work.

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