hi im looking for a scooter in the 500-600 dollar range. from 50cc- 150cc in running condition. thanks...............

Re: SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Try Toys R Us, I heard they have scooters.

Re: SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!

good one bobby boy!!!!!!!!!

Re: SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul you should talk to David. He posted here, he has a honda gyro for sale for 350. That is a great deal. If you've ever ridden one, you would know that they are cool as hell! It needs work, but very minor. Basically sounds like it needs a tune up. You can buy it and with the remainder of your money, you can pay for a good tune up. What do you think? I'm telling you, those gyro's are sweet.


Re: SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks crisis, sounds good.

david where are you??

hey david , any word on that honda gyro???

Re: david where are you??

You better post that under Dave's topic. He will never see it in here dude.

Re: SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!

I have got one

Re: SCOOTER!!!!!!!!!!!

sebastian /

if still looking I have a honda elite 50 mint cond. 900 miles 550.00

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