extra pedal arm and pedal?

if anyone has an extra pedal arm and pedal for an italian bike, please let me know. i'm in dire need of one for my bianchi. it really doesn't matter if it's left or right, since the pedal arm will fit on either side. but it does have to be curved (since the pedal has to extend just enough to not crash into my exhaust).

if you do ... please let me know via email ... thanks.

Re: extra pedal arm and pedal?

Crisis--Cincinnati /

What type is it? Is it the cotter pin kind?

Re: extra pedal arm and pedal?

I think I have a curved Puch one, but that may not help your situation :)

Re: extra pedal arm and pedal?

it might ... but i already fixed it. i'm so dumb. i couldn't find a pedal arm to reach around my muffler .. and i had a few pedal arms w/ pedals i could use. i finally realized that i could just switch my left peal to the right (works around the muffler) and put any one of the extra pedals on the left (no need for the curved kind there). i'm so dumb sometimes.

so my bianchi is good to go! ... just waiting for a few new parts from italia to get her a bit faster and a new petcock (one that i can actually shut off!). vroom vroom!

Re: extra pedal arm and pedal?

crisis--cincinnati /

sweet! I am going for a late night ride. Later.

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