jawa new top-end parts

hey guys, i found this laying around when i wanted to rebuild a jawa i had (i didnt because they are peices of shit, in my opinion) but never used it. the parts were directly ordered from jawa co. in NY and has everything needed to rehaul.

piston/rings, pin, needle bearing and retainer clips, all top end gaskets and a crank case one, all seals, crank bearing, and a couple of trans. bearings.

i payed 70 for this kit (i think) back in the day and still is untouched. all are in never opened bags. ill take 40 because i have no use for it. not bad at all realy, everything is "NOS" as they say. please email me genrllee01@hotmail.com

Re: jawa new top-end parts

dude, does anyone have a jawa out there? i know jawas really do suck but are they that bad? someone with a jawa make me an offer and ill think about.

dave h

Re: jawa new top-end parts

any one even have a jawa, period?

What year????

Need year or years of application for these parts. Thanks in advance.


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