Moped in DC, Baltimore, Northern VA area

....Andrew /


I just found this forum, so I am posting w/ out knowing how wanted ads are treated.... Well, I am looking for a moped, somewhere in the $400 or less range, I'm still not quite sure what I can get for that... but from what I've found I would expect no less than a decent condition, running moped... maybe a Tomos? Anyways, just send me an e-mail if you're i the area, and have a moped to sell.


Re: Moped in DC, Baltimore, Northern VA area

Reeperette /

Check yer phone book.

There's at least four shops and possibly more within 30 miles of the 21225 area that carry mopeds, parts, and prolly some used mopeds.

Gimme a bit and I will see about findin some of em for ya.


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