looking for Honda C50 in S. Ontario


I used to ride these things with my cousins in Europe when I was a kid and I love em. I don't know if they ever were available commercially in Canada? Anyway, looking around for one in good running condition.

Reply to email if you have any leads.

Thanks in Advance!


Re: looking for Honda C50 in S. Ontario

Alex Gallagher /

hi, i'm from england and i'm looking for a honda c50, to ride but i cannot find annywhere to buy them or get hold of one new or old, i use to have a c90 and it went fast as hell, it did about 62 mph! please relply soon!!!!!

Re: looking for Honda C50 in S. Ontario


I was looking for spair parts in England and found 2 c 50 arround Liverpool, it was like half a year ago. I am sure they are gone already, but I am sure you can find one and especially in England, look on EBay!! Good Luck!

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