Puch speed kit for sale

I bought the speed kit new a few weeks ago but now the car insurane bill is comming and I really need the money. The kit was installed but the gaskets were never crushed and the engine was never fired. It was installed properly and still in mint condition, the only difference would be the packages are opened and the piston ring is on the cylinder. The kit includes a bitubo exhaust, 15mm Amal carb, 70cc cylinder/piston, all gaskets, engine head, choke lever and cable,intake manifold, and cable end. At 275 obo. this is definitly my loss but as I said I need the money.

RE: Puch speed kit for sale

Check yer email..

RE: Puch speed kit for sale


Ive emailed you a couple of times, and you haven't replied. Im very interested in this speed kit. Please email me at nbrock@gwu.edu ASAP. Thanks


RE: Puch speed kit for sale

how much?

Re: Puch speed kit for sale

Hey, do you still have the Puch speed kit for sale? Email me back please.

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