1985- 2003 Top Tank Tomos

Satan Lucifer /

Got some bonus $ coming from work and looking for a Tomos top tank A3 or A35 100% stock in excellent condition (preferably black with silver or gold trim on an a35 top tank later model or black/gold trim on an a3 top tank model) with factory blinkers, complete full fairings and working indicator lights/speedo/horn, super low miles, basically a nice clean top tank stocker that my gf can put around on locally in 35 mph traffic. 1985-1989 A3 with the SP engine and 1994-2003 A35 models only. Not interested in model years 1990-1993 or anything newer than 2003. Must have working turn signals and all stock controls/switches. I would prefer to keep the asking price at or below $1k and need delivered to the Cleveland Ohio area so local sellers are preferred. Thanks (edited)

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