Pryer trike fenders

mower hoarder /

Anybody know where I can get some fenders for a pryer trike? I made some janky brackets to hold on some normal chrome fenders but I really dont like how they look

Re: Pryer trike fenders

todd amundson /

Ugh I was hoping for a “FS” in your post. Been looking for the same items forever.

Re: Pryer trike fenders

LSLB Zach Richards /

I have one I would sell for $40 shipped


Re: Pryer trike fenders

I have a set of black ones. Someone message me tomorrow to remind me to take some pics of them while I'm at the shop

Re: Pryer trike fenders

I've got a set of black ones as well. They don't fit the 3 inch knobbies I put on my trike.

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