1978 Motobecane Mobylette 50VLA AV7


I'm selling a few mopeds to re-invest some cash into my RV project. I have my Moby listed on ebay:


Text from the eBay listing:

Downsizing my moped collection. This Moby has a heavily modified engine. The newly built engine has less than 100 miles. All of the original parts will be included in the sale. The model looks like it was a 50VLA because it has the long seat and the MAG wheels but it was not a variated engine. I've never GPS'd this bike but I'd guess it tops out around 40mph the way it's tuned right now. Check the video at the bottom of the description.

Some modifications include:

-Artek Crank

-New Bearings/Seals/Gaskets

-ER3 Variator

-Doppler Street Cup Exhaust

-Doppler Engine Mount Spring

-Custom Spring Mount so the stock center stand still works

-3D printed pull start

-Le Partie CDI

-Lighting rectifier/regulator

-70CC Airsal Cylinder and Piston

-70CC Head

-Mikuni VM18 Carb with MLM 18mm Intake

-MLM Pedal Crank Extension

-New Drive and Pedal Chains

-Heidenau K56 Tires and New Tubes

-Trail Tech Temp Sensor in 3D Printed Mount

-Aftermarket throttle so the VM18 gets fully opened

-Lightweight 6-Shooter Pulley

Known Issues: The 3D printed pull start pulley has the notches broke off but still works. I have some extra ones I can throw in and probably swap it out before the sale ends. Headlight and tail light work but the brake light does not. The horn works but it is not hooked up because it buzzes sometimes on it's own. The bike starts and runs but needs a thorough tune. This includes carb jetting and setting the variator weights. I also have all 3 springs for the engine mount that can be swapped out during tuning. Right now it has the white spring in which is the lightest. The speedometer is not hooked up, it needs a new gear assembly down on the front wheel, the original was locked up.

Some original parts that come with it are ignition coil/stator/flywheel stuff, the original tire pump, original carb, cylinder, pulley/clutch assembly, keys for fork lock, etc.

I'm in Ohio so I don't have a title but can provide a bill of sale.


Re: 1978 Motobecane Mobylette 50VLA AV7

Can confirm, great bike

Great seller

Re: 1978 Motobecane Mobylette 50VLA AV7

> Toledo Riot wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Can confirm, great bike


> Great seller

Thanks Andy!

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