FS: NOS Jialing (so?) Hobbit Rear Wheel

Dirty30 Dillon /

$40 obo, shipping additional. If you're in western CT or nearby, come pick it up at my leisure.

I have this leftover NOS Jialing clone hobbit Rear wheel, and no more hobbits. I ran one of these on my last hobbit build, but it requires some modifications (ex. fitting kinetic wheel on Vespa, vice-a-versa), specifically filing of the splines. I wish I could give a better description of the exact procedure, but it was like 5 years ago and honestly I was rather haphazard as it was a dirt-ped.

A little corrosion on the brake surfaces, but very clean chrome and nice, thick spokes. Even if you didn't want to mod the wheel, you could easily just use the rim and spokes to rebuild your stock hobbit hub and have a refreshed rear wheel.

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