Moto Guzzi G2 1981 Moped

Rick Bronner /

Classic Moped all original. It hasn’t been restored, refurbished or rebuilt. It's a runner and gets over 100 mpg. Premix gas and oil together for the 49cc motor. Not super fast but goes up to 20 mph. It's been sitting in a climate controlled basement for 20 years. Hand painted duck on the frame makes this one unique.

Recent work done:

Cleaned carburetor

Cleaned muffler

Cleaned and lubricated both chains

Brake light and horn work. Headlight and speedometer are not working. Wheels are straight and true. Tires are weather checked but hold air. A rear box was added for use as an errand runner. The buyer will be given a bill of sale.

I’m asking $690 for local Denver/Thornton pick up only. I’m not able to ship. I can provide any other pictures or answers any questions. I will consider best offer. Retired and looking to sell. Thank you.


Re: Moto Guzzi G2 1981 Moped

Rick Bronner /
rbro OP


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