1981 Honda Express

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Looking for reasonable offers on this original Honda.

This has not been modified and it runs great.

It has not been restored,refurbished, rebuilt.

Here is the back story.

I got this from a family who had owned it all of it life. Granddad bought it originally and his daughter rode it later. She then owned it and her son ride it.

The hood news is that it had always been kept indoors.

When I came across it, it hadn’t been ran in years.

I bought it as such.

I got it home and checked the oil and gas tanks. Both empty. Good no bad gas.

I mixed up some 2 cycle gas, added it to the tank and three kicks it started right up.

Upon further inspection I found that the little rubber hose that was on the bottom of the oil tank had a crack in it. I repaired it added some oil and it now works as it should.

I still like to mix a little synthetic 2 cycle oil in the gas as insurance.

It is not perfect but it is very nice fir the age.

I replaced the battery with a new one and it starts right up every time.

I’ve cleaned it up and I’ve ridden it up and down our 1/4 mile driveway quite a few times with no issues.

I would like to sell this hopefully to someone who wants an original collectible. It needs a good home.

There are a few imperfections as expected such as a crack on the rear fender, crack in the speedo/ light casing and the basket needs to be stripped and plastic coated. I may or may not get that done before selling. Either way the basket and can of plastic coat goes with it.

Lights work but hands no low beam.

I am not interested in selling any parts.

Please make reasonable offers based on real value.

Located in Asheboro NC.

Can arrange transportation to a shipping company of your choice or local pickup.


We have a local Honda shop in our area. If you need an evaluation and would like I can transport it there so long as you pay the service charge.

I have not done a compression test but with the easy starting and power I would find it unlikely to be an issue.

Message me with offers and I will consider them.

Any questions of further pics I will be glad to provide.

This is a no drama sell. Not by looking to get into an online argument or shouting match.

I’m retired and would just like to sell this.

Thanks for understanding.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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