WTT DERBI RD50 project

Hey everyone, as much as it pains me to offer This up, my plate is full with a Puch minicross build and have a derbi already so figured I’d share the love. I searched for years for one of these and happen to find one right down the road.

Needs tires, cables, seat( treats fs1 seat fits perfectly) and good cleaning. Set of controls

The good: great compression decomp is working, pedal engagement lever works, shocks still have great rebound same with forks. I’ll grab better pictures when I get home, tank has surface corrosion but inside is pretty clean it’s off in the picture.

As I usually do with trades I’m not going to put a cash value on this because it fucks with emotions and there will not be a cash price I’ll keep it( it’s a sickness)

Looking for another top tank Magnum, monza, tsm , Grand Prix etc might add cash or throw in some spare parts engines I have to close the deal.


Re: WTT DERBI RD50 project

Sent ya a PM.

Re: WTT DERBI RD50 project

campeona del mundo /

dude you are all over the place

Re: WTT DERBI RD50 project

Hahaha youre telling me, between work, a toddler, daily life, impending job change/ side business , starting to line myself up to one project. I thought being retired at 34 was gonna be easy street. It just gets harder

Re: WTT DERBI RD50 project

Bump this up for another week

Re: WTT DERBI RD50 project

Bump buyer had some logistical issues, projects ok. Here’s the time to trade up for a magnum you snagged off Craigslist for $50

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