looking for puch parts

hello, i’m looking for a circuit pipe, a 15mm bing, a 12mm axle w spacers for sealed bearings, and a bosch flywheel puller. trying to knock some stuff off the treats order. lmk what y’all got

Re: looking for puch parts

I have a promo circuit that was used for a year, just looked in the baffle and it's like new. I don't think I'll ever use it again and I'm addicted to mopeds but not a Hoarder... yet lol. Send me a pm

Re: looking for puch parts

roots to wings /

Have a new proma circuit too

Re: looking for puch parts

I picked up a fly wheel puller from Rural King by my house for 15.. its the same size as a stihl chain saw puller.. Ace hardware has them too but not sure for how much.

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