Simonini Powered Vespa Si

Paul Johnson /

I've got a stupid fast vespa si. Certified ripper. I haven't topped it out because I don't feel safe above 60mph on her, but she was still pulling at 63 when I gps'd her.

100cc Simonini engine

Pitbike hydros with tapered bearings

Disk brake

Custom one of subframe

Pull start

Kriedler long seat

Led lighting

Gilera wheels with huge knobbies

Just installed the new malossi clutch on her.

This bike has gone everywhere I've wanted to without issue. I've had my fun and now it's time for someone else to have fun. It does wheelies on command. Take off? Wheelie. 35mph? Twist the throttle and wheelie.

Located in Aurora, NE.

$3,000 or trade me something cool and cash.

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Beach Club Nick /


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Siqqq build dude, I love the custom subframe


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I'd consider trades for a built magnum or cobra + cash or a white derbi sport with all fairings.

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