WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

Hey I need parts shipped to 92878 let me know the price with shipping.

Looking for:

Rear Maxi Rack

Puch shock bushings (enough for 1 shock)

Maxi upper shock rod

30mm Plug style gas cap

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

Brett Springe /

Also need a Puch chain tensioner sprocket.

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

i have the tensioner sprocket and shock bushing.

Where is the shock rod?

Pm me.

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

Brett Springe /

buump still looking for all of this.

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

Look at Treatland.tv.

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

Brian Kin_duh_mo /

i think i may have a rack. i will DM you if i find one

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

Brett Springe /

Still looking for all of this stuff.

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

I've got a maxi rack for you. It's a little wider than most maxi racks. It came off a puch with a flip up seat.

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

Brett Springe /

Still looking for:

Maxi upper shock rod

Puch shock bushings (enough for 1 shock)

Puch chain tensioner sprocket

Re: WTB Puch Maxi Stuff

We have piles of shitty pedal chain tensioners and shocks at DMW that we could pull apart for the pedal chain tensioner sprocket and shock internal bits.

Although, even if I “give you the parts for free,” and just charge you for my staff labor to pull them apart, pack them, calculate shipping, pint a label, & drive to the post office… plus the small cost of packing materials and the actual shipping charge; I think you’ll be better off just buying a whole pedal chain tensioner from treats… you’ll need to order the shock shaft from them anyways.

puch maxi top shock mounting bolt

puch MAXI shock mounting bolt SHOCKER PAQ - stock

puch maxi moped PEDAL CHAIN tensioner

xtreme CHROME adjustable 10mm shocks - 300mm

See below and above and let us know how you want to proceed.


The best way to holler at us would be to DM our FB page


Fill our the Contact form on our website

That way multiple folks on the staff will get the message and you'll get the quickest response. Thanks.

Alex Samul


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