01 Derbi Senda

01 Derbi Senda ebe75 engine. Stock 70cc, phbg21, hebo pipe, new air filter, new clutches and springs, new fluids, serviced water pump, new front pads, new rear brake set up, new chain, new sprockets geared for quick 65 mph new plastics, new throttle and cable, oil injection service, water pump service, engine ice coolant, good battery, clean moped title, run good.

Charleston SC $2200


Re: 01 Derbi Senda

More pics. The Reiju could be for sale too...


Re: 01 Derbi Senda

The plastics look good, where'd ya get em? I was looking and it seems like more modern Senda plastics would fit this generation but I wasn't 100% sure

Re: 01 Derbi Senda

From maxi scoot I'm pretty sure for a 14 senda. Bolt right up, I like the R plastics more, but whatev

Re: 01 Derbi Senda

Bump. Someone get shifty

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