1967 Tomos Colibri T12


Never thought I would sell this bike, but turns out I have too many "never gonna get rid of" bikes... So I've decided to start with one of the hardest.

Publicly listed it at $2400 because whatever, but realistically looking for $2100 from a homie.

Very original bike that was never imported into the states. It's a 3-speed hand shifter. Everything works but the speedo. Engine rebuilt with a full circle race crank, mild kit, carb and pipe upgrades. New tires, seat foam, and clutch. Retooled the side compartments to take new keys.

I ride it often. With current gearing it does about 40+, but can do more. Definitely a show stopper everywhere I've taken it. Can go more into detail about stuff if you are interested, too much to write.

Re: 1967 Tomos Colibri T12

Eric Davenport /

Re: 1967 Tomos Colibri T12

Wow, beautiful.

Re: 1967 Tomos Colibri T12

$1800 for a moper


or should I just raffle it?

Re: 1967 Tomos Colibri T12


Raffle probably the best money but I've seen so many raffle bikes go to the wrong home. Kinda a shame with something this special.

Re: 1967 Tomos Colibri T12


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