FS : Maxi Louisville $800

Benevolent Aroh /

Stock-ish Maxi I did for my wife a few years back. It has seen very little use but starts easy and rides smooth.

50cc kit / head

Rebuilt engine w/ new bearings & seals (stock crank)

Del Sha carb

Boss Pipe to keep'er quiet

Easy 30-35 MPH

Asking $800, which admittedly is a lot for a slow maxi, but that's the asking price. No trades.


Re: FS : Maxi Louisville $800

Probably Fred /

That’s a very good price nowadays but the boss pipe is not quiet in any mean shape or form as well as sucks for any kind of low end power especially since the header goes couple inches inside the chamber because the manufacturer doesn’t cut it off.

Good luck with the sale !

Re: FS : Maxi Louisville $800

Benevolent Aroh /

Yeah Ken thats a fair point - Probs would be better off with one of these bad boys: https://www.treatland.tv/puch-maxi-chrome-stock-pipe-tecno-p/puch-maxi-stock-pipe-28mm.htm

Re: FS : Maxi Louisville $800

Jimmy Cincinnati /

$800 is not high, search Facebook marketplace and you'll see

Re: FS : Maxi Louisville $800

Where are you located?

Re: FS : Maxi Louisville $800

Benevolent Aroh /

Bump - May also trade for a Hobbit PA50ii depending on what chya got near Louisville

Re: FS : Maxi Louisville $800

Cody Macfadgen /

Text me im interested in buying 6232921540

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