79 motobecane

Looking to buy fly wheel cover with rubber clips for motobecane 50v 1979

Re: 79 motobecane

Please stop double posting. It’s annoying.

Re: 79 motobecane

John Kelly /

Sorry for posting twice made mistake in first one

Re: 79 motobecane

Contact Justin at moped division. He bought out all my NOS motobecane parts last year. He should have a bunch of them with the rubber clips.

Re: 79 motobecane

- Summerai - Corey Livieri /

I have one. Just shot you an email with some photos.

Re: 79 motobecane

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

The rubber clips are the main reason you don't have one now. Many a cover has flown away into the brush near the curb because of failed rubber connectors. I usually replace them with something more substantial. i generally make metal spring clips.

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