1980 Batavus Mondial Moped

Theodore Holmes /

Not sure what’s this is worth- if someone can enlighten me I’d be quite grateful

Bike is not wired ,needs cables and to be wired

Spare engine and cases

Swing arms

Doppler exhaust

Other aftermarket exhaust

Stock exhaust

And other goodies

5 coil ignition


Re: 1980 Batavus Mondial Moped

Too many issues to make it runnable and street worthy with lights and all. Not original seat. The bike is pretty Frankensteined as is.

I would love to have it anyhow.

You could get 75-125.00 in you area

Re: 1980 Batavus Mondial Moped

Beach Club Nick /

If you were in Ohio I'd give you $200. I've owned and sold a lot of mopeds, and the most I've ever paid for a non-runner was an immaculate bike for $300. Even if that was running it'd only be worth $400-500 considering the seat, rims, lack of fenders, etc.

Re: 1980 Batavus Mondial Moped

Are you sure that is a 5 coil ignition? Does'nt look like one

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