Sachs G3 muffler bracket

Eli Szymanowski /

I apologize in advance if this is the wrong spot to post, just discovered this site after purchasing a used 1979 Sachs G3.

I've fallen in love w/ tinkering around with it over the last couple weeks since I've gotten it.

Somewhere along it's life, a previous owner seems to have "cut-off" the original muffler bracket. The mounting plate, bolts and part of the tube is still attached to the frame, but the rest has been cut off. A homebrewed BitTurbo exhaust and bracket has been put in it's place.

Anyways, I've looked around on a lot of the online stores selling vintage parts, I'd like to try and take it back to somewhat stock, and have purchased a NOS exhaust, but w/o the original bracket not sure how I'll get it hooked up. Anyone know if they've seen this specific bolted on piece show up for sale anywhere, or am I out of luck?

I don't have a pic from my bike right now, but attached screenshots of the part in question from the G3 spare parts manual.

Any other ideas would be awesome, thanks!

Screenshot 2021-05-14-1.jpg
Screenshot 2021-05-14-2.jpg

Re: Sachs G3 muffler bracket

Re: Sachs G3 muffler bracket

Eli Szymanowski /

Don M,

Thank you so much! That’s awesome you were able to find it so quickly, really appreciate it!

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