'76 moby part out

1976 motobecane, let me know what you need. the short block turns smoothly, the variator is stuck, exhaust is beaded through and spotless


Re: '76 moby part out

pedals sold.....muffler sold

Re: '76 moby part out

Sending a PM now...

Re: '76 moby part out

Here for the muffler if it falls through

Re: '76 moby part out

Richard Eberline /

forks, front fender and gas cap. PM me

Re: '76 moby part out

forks gone, ft fender gone, gas cap gone,

Re: '76 moby part out

tank chrome and badges-gone, handlebar controls and switches-gone

Re: '76 moby part out

Do you have the tool box bolts?

Re: '76 moby part out

this is all thats left.

-glassbeaded swing arm

-rear fender

-headlght bucket with switch, bezel bad

-seat and post


-coil and bracket


-really clean pair of stock shocks

-right side step rubber

-tool box with nuts

-short block spins nice , frozen variator

-speedometer cable

-cylinder head , glass beaded , deck surfaced, compression lapped in , nice stock head

i'll glassbead any of the painted items for free and ship them in bare metal


Re: '76 moby part out

everythings gone-------thanks folks

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