Stainless Steel Reinforced Custom Subframes for VESPA

Frederick vdL /

We produced a new batch of modular custom subframes for VESPA. Available in several versions. Check out more here

Stainless Steel 304

3mm thick

Aluminium Centerpieces or Stainless Steel Tube Centerpieces

Weight: around 3.8kg or 8.4lbs

We have three versions/designs available. Two for the Gilera Citta (Eco1) mopeds and one "extended wheelbase subframe" which basically has the same length as a Vespa Si subframe (but is extended towards the back by 5cm as the frame mount is positioned 5cm ahead of the subframe).

Additional texts from our website:

These revolutionary subframes are modular subframes, which means that you can disassemble either one or both of the side plates. You can remove one side-plate without having to remove your engine from the subframe. With this concept, you can easily get to your flywheel, ignition, cylinder and other tight spots.

The left side of the subframe also has an opening at the front (near the flywheel), meaning that taking out your engine has never been easier!

The side-plates are bent on the outer edges (top and bottom) for maximum strength and rigidity.

Updated Kickstart and Side-Intake Readiness!

This subframe now contains a bigger slot which makes it easier to access your carburetor when running a Malossi MP-One/Reed Valve Engine or a Polini Evolution Engine. Stock Piaggio engines as well as Polini Speed Engines also have excellent accessibility to the carburetor.

The subframe's side-panels are precision cut and contain holes, slots and openings for kickstart engines and side-intakes.

Price: €169.95 or $199.95


Re: Stainless Steel Reinforced Custom Subframes for VESPA

Looks like great craftsmanship! These will last longer than any Vespa ever will lol

Re: Stainless Steel Reinforced Custom Subframes for VESPA

Dirty30 Dillon /

Curious question Frederick, do you know if these will accommodate a Sacre motor and the RH ignition without pulling that side off?

Re: Stainless Steel Reinforced Custom Subframes for VESPA

Works of art, my man.

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