ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

So the USPS lost my brand new powder coated base / painted / and new seat cover TSM seat. Im really lost with words after putting so much into something and it just never made it back. Its not an easy part to get ya know? My dad always said " never trust anybody"

DOES ANYONE HAVE A PEUGEOT TSM SEAT FOR SALE? any condition, see photo attached of the seat done before it got lost.


Re: ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

Damn dude that's devastating. Cool Brown, I'm kinda going the same direction, got a paisley tooled look vinyl I'm using.

Don't lose hope in usps though, I've had some packages get stuck for over a month with no tracking then just show up out of nowhere.

Sunday morning motors parted out 2 tsm a couple years back might try them. They were rough but maybe some seat parts intact.

Re: ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

That sucks! Like Graham said though, hopefully it will find its way back to you. I ordered something that shipped via USPS Dec. 17, and the status never changed from "your item has shipped," until it was delivered last week.

Re: ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

Oh man, what a bummer.

Here's hoping it does indeed show up. My work recently had a FedEx shipment go missing for two months, but it was ultimately found and delivered. Good luck!

Re: ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

I had something get misplaced by USPS. Their tracking said it was delivered and for a few days It never showed up. I went down to my post office and they had it there. It was during the middle of covid and major cutbacks so things were just standing still. Hopefully it is just hanging out at your local post and can be gotten back.

Re: ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

Mark Younggren /

Did Dan Hetu do the seat looks like his work?

Re: ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

My buddy has a seat for a tsm in good shape. Ill see how much he wants for it and get back to you.

Re: ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

Link to TSM seat

I am sure we probably have the rear cowl and other trim pieces too but I would have to do some looking first


Re: ISO / WTB: Peugeot TSM Seat

Thank you everyone !

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