WTB: Vespa Piaggio Grande Seat

Hey guys, I've had this 1978 Grande for a little while, and I'm wanting to get it back together and in good working order before the weather warms back up again. My bike came with some cobbled together mini bike seat or something that I threw away.

Does anyone have a Grande seat, or is there anything from Treats that people who have Grandes recommend? Also if anyone has any Vespa performance parts for a reasonable price I may be interested. I'm located in Iowa, Zip: 52402 (edited)

Re: WTB: Vespa Piaggio Grande Seat

Paul, did you scroll back a few pages? There was one for sale . IDK, might still be there....

Re: WTB: Vespa Piaggio Grande Seat

Ah! Good catch, I'll send him a PM. Thanks, Les!

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