Garelli VIP Parts

Selling off spare parts from my Garelli VIP; Working on photos- parts are in my garage and its damn cold out. Open to offers- inbox with any interest and your zip so I can figure shipping.


-Longseat (1" tear on back corner)

-the underseat metal mount thing


-chain covers, left and right

-fuel tank- no dents, clean inside

-stock expansion chamber

-taillight assembly

-Headlight assembly

-Wiring harness, light switch

-throttle assembly w/ CEV switch

-Front and rear fenders for 17" wheels

-rear fender reinforcement

-17" spoke wheels, in good shape. complete w/ brakes, axles, etc

I also have 2 complete VIP 2-speed engines. Were not locked up, was told they were running when removed. The gentleman I bought the bike from used it as a daily rider and wanted to have extras. (edited)

Re: Garelli VIP Parts

Rich Thomson /

Red, I'm interested, PM sent.

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