Hobbit maniac sale

I am selling this for a friend so I'm not real positive what he has but I will add as I get more info. It is a super good deal and may separate if offers are good but for now it is one shot deal. I have some stuff I would sell also and have some friends that may get rid of some stuff so it might be worth the ride to the beautiful state of Maine to get some moped goods.

So we got two pa50 two hobbits and a parts bike. The first bike was running and has a circuit pipe I believe? Has not been run in a bit. Was a nice ride and ripper

Second bike is another pa50 two stock with new tires. Nice complete bike. Think it needed carb work?

The third pa50 two I believe is a basket case? Not totally sure? No engine

The realy cool shit now. So I built him an engine years ago and never got run. I know for sure the engine has new stuffy crank and bearings. Has malosi cylinder installed then removed and never run. (65cc) Pbhb dellorto 19 with intake. Also from malosi dealer. Never used. Aftermarket performance variator. Another hobbit pipe for that build. Mabye a circuit. Also a subframe that I modded to the wiki for easy carb work. All the performance stuff has never been used. Just been sitting in my shop for 7 or 8 years.

Asking 2k for all. I don't have pics as of now. Not gonna ship. Gonna try and get some if I have any Interest. I know the two complete bikes are in very nice shape.

Re: Hobbit maniac sale

I am gonna work on getting pics but for now its gonna be a package deal. I dont mind PM's but please do not contact me and ask me to ship. I do not have time for that. I would expect you to come pick up as this is two complete bikes and parts setup.

Re: Hobbit maniac sale

Lets make a deal. Open to offers

Re: Hobbit maniac sale

Are you willing to separate? How much for shipping?

Re: Hobbit maniac sale

> Jacob Fulton Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Are you willing to separate? How much for shipping?

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Re: Hobbit maniac sale

jordan mcelheny /

Do you have any engine cases? for the Pa50 I or II ill take one if your willing to part with it and ill pay for shipping too I know you said it was a hassle but please help a fellow pa50 owner out man ill pay.

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