WTB: Motron gas tank

Dicky Fink /

I am rebuilding a Motron and am short a few parts, tank, footrest and frame guard. I really need the tank most if anyone has it and extra bonus if it’s in the same funky brown as my Ped. If you have one I live in Verona MO 65769 just give me your price plus shipping, Thanks a bunch, Dave (edited)


Re: WTB: Motron gas tank

$45 shipped


Re: WTB: Motron gas tank

Few more to show clean inside and fork dent


Re: WTB: Motron gas tank

That's a deal

Re: WTB: Motron gas tank

Pm sent, and a great deal for sure. Thanks for helping bring another moped back to life, this thing started as just a frame, now it’s a roller and soon to be a runner. (edited)

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