FS/FT Pinto Saddle Bags

Hello All,

I am selling/trading a pair of Pinto saddle bags. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, please click this link to go to a folder in my drive that has pictures of all the sides and interior of the bags.

I am asking $135 Shipped (Keep in mind this is a large box to ship) OR trade for an authentic Bing 15mm carb (plus cash, if needed, based on condition).

If you have any questions or would like additional pictures, feel free to PM me. Any questions of "What is you lowest price?" will be ignored.




Re: FS/FT Pinto Saddle Bags

Bump with a price drop, $110 shipped. However, really interested in a trade for nice authentic Bing 15mm carb.

Re: FS/FT Pinto Saddle Bags

Good looking bags. Had a set myself. They originally have firm plastic lining the insides to keep their shape. Mine al dried out and cracked and broke so I ended up using coat hangers to shape the sides and make them more rigid.

Re: FS/FT Pinto Saddle Bags

I did not know that, thanks for the tip. This is my first moped so I am still learning new things. I might try to make some out of of some copper coated brazing wire if I get the time. Also, do you guys/gals think my price reasonable/unreasonable? I haven't had much interest and I couldn't find any that sold relatively recently, so I am unsure of their value.

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